San Gerardo de Dota, Mariam's Quetzales - Charlie Doggett's COSTA RICA


The Costa Rica Birding Club had a trip to San Gerardo de Dota, where I had been two other times but loved as one of my favorite places, so I went again! As usual, the club chooses low cost, simple places to stay where we can see a lot of birds. Mariam's Quetzales fits that bill and is known for their plenteous Tico food at all three meals. The cabins are simple but met all our needs and their bird feeders by the dining room had maybe more birds or a larger variety than anywhere else I have visited in San Gerardo de Dota. The down side was we never saw a male Resplendent Quetzal, only two females way down the road below the cabins. But this was my first place to ever see an Acorn Woodpecker! Even though I like the other two places very much and maybe better, I would stay here again. Their hotel website:

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