Sarapiquí, Selva Verde Lodge - Charlie Doggett's COSTA RICA

A Birding Place!

Selva Verde Lodge, Chilamate, Costa Rica on the Sarapiquí River ranks as one of the very best birding places for me during my first two years of living in Costa Rica! And the birding guides at the lodge are excellent! But just wandering around the hotel property regularly will produce many species of bird every day. Then you can visit the nearby La Selva Biological Station and pay for a bird guide where there is suppose to be more birds than most places on earth. Though it was very disappointing to me with few birds. But the nearby Dave & Dave's Nature Pavilion in La Virgen gave me several new birds to photograph. And two float trips on the river also provided many birds! Yet with all of that, the lodge was still the best place to photograph birds! So I highly recommend it! As of now I have no experience with any of the several other lodges in the area. Their website:

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