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We went here for three nights as the Costa Rica Birding Club arranged by a club member directly with the village leaders which he knew. A South Caribbean tour agency can arrange tourist visits to this indigenous people village as day trips or usually for just one or two nights. See one of the website links below for more information. The lodging is in a large palm-thatched roof building on stilts with no electricity but cold running water in showers and toilets. The basic veggies meals with maybe fish or chicken are prepared by the women of the village (las mujeres). Our guide for birding was also a young woman, but the trip up river in motorized dugout canoes was provided by men of the village. Cultural presentations like roof thatching and archery was presented by a young man still in college See two slideshows below.

The cultural experience of being there is the highlight. Birding was good though not the best place for me. They have a panel of solar panels beneath which you can charge your cell phone, but that is all the electricity you get. It was very muddy during our August visit and that was the trip that convinced me to buy some mud boots for future rainy season trips. My hiking boots were not high enough and stayed caked in mud the whole time. There are two slide shows below on this trip or see even more in my Trip Photo Gallery for this trip. 

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Bribri Casa de Las Mujeres Slideshow

Yorkin Bribri Forest Slideshow