Links to Photos of All 7 Houses:

2012--2014 -- McKendree Village Cottage, Hermitage  (from there to Costa Rica)

2002--2012 -- Row 8.9n Row House, Hope Gardens, Downtown

1999-2002 -- I lived in The Gambia, West Africa for 3 years

1998--1999 -- Townhouse in Germantown, Downtown Nashville

1990--1998 -- Hickory Valley Condo, South Nashville

1989--1990 -- Nolensville Road Rent House

1978--1990 -- 1923 Bungalow, Belmont-Hillsborough Neighborhood

1977--1978 -- Donelson Rent House

They are found within the photo galleries of each of the 7 neighborhoods I lived in the big Pre-Costa Rica NASHVILLE Photos Gallery. I plan to write more about each house on the family pages of my website and there is a lot to say about each!   :-)


  • My Cottage OUTSIDE
  • Untitled photo
  • Front & End of My End-Unit
  • Temporary Rental Before Buying Condo
  • My Townhouse
  • 8 Years in Hickory Valley Condo