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verde roca verde housing development rock band rocks rocky roof roof thatching rookery room roosting root ropa americana rosary roseate roseate spoonbill rosethroated becard rosethroated tanager royal royal tern rufescent tiger heron rufous capped warbler rufous collared sparrow rufous motmot rufous naped wren rufous tailed rufous tailed hummingbird rufous tailed jacamar rufouscollared sparrow rufousnaped wren rufoustailed hummingbird rural life ruta 27 río suarez creek sabana larga sabrewing sack lunch samasati reserve near puerto viejo san francisco church san gerado de dota san gerardo de dota san jose san jose airport san jose costa rica san jose international airport san jose last day san josé san juan church san lorenzo national park san luis waterfall san rafael san rafael catholic church san ramon sand crab sandpiper sansa santa domingo hotel sapphire throated sara longwing sarapiquí sarapiqúi river sarchi savegre hotel de montana savegre hotel de montana costa rica cloud 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whiteringed flycatcher whitethroated whitethroated toucan whitetipped whitetipped dove whitewhiskered puffbird whitewinged dove wild willet wilson's wilson's plover wilson's warbler winding wolf spider woman wood carving wood stork wood thrush woodcreeper woodstork worm wraps xelhá xmasday300mm yagrumo yellow backed oriole yellow bellied elaenia yellow bells yellow crowned euphonia yellow crowned night heron yellow eyelash pitviper yellow faced grassquit yellow headed caracara yellow thighed finch yellow throated toucan yellow warbler yellow winged tanager yellowbellied elaenia yellowbreasted yellowcrowned night heron yelloweared toucanet yellowfaced grassquit yellowheaded caracara yellowheaded gecko yellowish flycatcher yellowthroated euphonia yellowthroated vireo yellowwinged tanager yiguirro yigüirro yiqüirro yorkin bribri reserve young youth zapata swamp zarcero zingiber zerumbet zoo